PaperSplash 1.12.1


PaperSplash 1.12.1 releases tomorrow (January 19), and adds tons of new features, as well as many more under the hood improvements and fixes. The most notable features are the new preview window and the new search view.

You might have noticed that progress on PaperSplash has slowed down recently. This is because my focus right now is on the upcoming Periodic Table releasing sometime in February. Worry not there will be both more updates and exclusive wallpapers coming again after the release of the Periodic Table app.

Release Notes:

  • New Preview Window
    • Unsplash Like Stat
    • Resolution Information
    • Upload Date Information
    • Color Profile Information
    • Moved cardview down for easier one-handed use
  • User Interface
    • Replaced old Text Logo with a Search-Bar
    • Search Menu now fully adapts to different themes
    • Search Menu Bar matches Home-Screen search bar
  • Added full support for Notches.
    • Removed the status bar placeholder.
    • Added MarginLayoutParams which moves content depending on ‘Status-Bar’ and ‘Navigaion-Bar’ height.
  • Moved to “Scoped Storage”
    • For full support for the upcoming versions of Android
    • **You might not be able to access old downloaded wallpapers
  • General Fixes
    • “MainAccentColor” shows in color category list (FIXED)
    • Category “boxes” in Search View had no background and just a frame (FIXED)
    • App crash when applying wallpapers on certain devices (Possible Fix, contact us if you still encounter issues)
    • Standard version used the old Download Manager layout (FIXED)
  • General Changes
    • “Set As” renamed to “Set As Wallpaper” in Download Menu and centered text
    • Temporarily disabled widget due to some issues (Will be available soon again)
    • Changed Toast Colors to make it easier to read
  • “Under the Hood”
    • Replaced getBitmap (Deprecated) with ImageDecoder.decodeBitmap for API > 28
    • Replaced info.version (Deprecated) code with info.longVersionCode on API > 28
    • Removed some unnecessary safe calls for non-null Int receivers
    • Removed an old val in previewWindowView
    • Removed some old deprecated imports

General PaperSplash

Featured Wallpaper of the Day

Download Sagar Waghela’s beautiful shot today in any version of PaperSplash!


PaperSplash 1.12

PaperSplash 1.12 will start rolling out tomorrow (January 9), and should reach your device within a week!

Release Notes:


  • Edit Temperature
    • Within the edit menu, you can now modify the image temperature to tailor your home screen.
    • Choose between cool or warm.
  • Adjust Wallpaper Row Height
    • You are now able to customize the height of the displayed wallpapers to tailor your experience in PaperSplash

User Interface

  • Added shadows in edit menu
    • To make the status bar more visible.
  • Changed default mode in the edit menu
    • Instead of showing all edit options when entering the edit menu, you now get a full-screen preview of the wallpaper with the option to bring up the complete edit menu.
  • Minor adjustments to Downloads Menu
    • Fixed the small white bar at the bottom.
    • Adjusted corner margins to match the rest of the app.
    • Adjusted some other margins
  • Minor adjustments to default image row height
    • Reworked for the new image row height setting.

User Experience

  • Replaced download notification with a Toast Messages
    • Instead of showing a notification for every download moment, these will now be shown in silent short length toasts in the app.
  • Made the edge bounce more bouncy in the edit menu
    • This will make it feel less like hitting a rock when moving the wallpaper all the way to the side.


  • Twitter button redirects to old twitter page (fixed)
    • The STANDARD version of PaperSplash would redirect to the old twitter page.
  • Status Bar not visible in edit menu (Fixed)
    • The status bar color often blended in with wallpapers colors. This has now been fixed.

PaperSplash 1.12 also has major “under the hood” changes so if you experience any issues please let us know as soon as possible!


PaperSplash 1.10 Build 113

Hello! With PaperSplash 1.10 Build 113, released both for the ‘STANDARD’ and ‘PRO’ version. The issue with the ‘Featured’ section of the app has been resolved and wallpapers will now load as usual again. This issue was caused by me still using a deprecated part of the Unsplash API, which recently got removed, causing errors in both versions of PaperSplash.

The images you will see after updating differs from those shown before. Now you will see the highlight of the many different curated collections made by the team at Unsplash, which will refresh from time to time instead of being the same as they were before.

There has been a lack of new wallpapers in the PRO version as of recently, which was caused by me having to focus on school. But starting next week, you will start to see new wallpapers every week again!

A new feature update will come in November. If there is a new feature you want, be sure to let us know as soon as possibe so we can consider implementing it.

General PaperSplash

PaperSplash 1.8.1 Released + PRO


Today marks an important day for PaperSplash and J.Lindemann. PaperSplash PRO is now released with a release week sale lasting 7 days!

PaperSplash PRO

PaperSplash PRO features 150+ exclusive wallpapers with more coming every week. These wallpapers are available as part of the new collections in PaperSplash.


Future of PaperSplash (Free)

PaperSplash will be updated at the same time as PaperSplash PRO and recieve the same features when they are out of the BETA in PaperSplash PRO. Both versions follow the same roadmap.

Release Notes 1.8.1 (PaperSplash + PaperSplash PRO)

  • PRO Version released
    • 150+ exclusive wallpapers
    • Exclusive collections
    • Access to new features earlier in beta program
  • UI
    • Improved UI in main header
    • Revamped “Submit Wallpaper” menu
    • Revamped “GO PRO/ DONATE” menu

General PaperSplash

Pre Register for PaperSplash PRO


You can now pre register for PaperSplash PRO on the play store to get notified on the launch day!

PaperSplash PRO is releasing around the 26/6 wednesday!

Pre Register:


PaperSplash 1.8.0 Build 76

Release Notes:

  • New Navigation
    • Bottom navigation bar
    • Bottom navigation drawer
  • Collections
    • Added collections with exclusive wallpapers
    • More coming soon in the upcoming PRO Version
  • General UI Improvements
    • New Icons
    • Splash-Screen
    • Better placement of lists on main screen
    • Moved about content into settings
    • Donate Activity redesigned to incorporate the upcoming PRO version
    • New Update Log
  • Social
    • Icon links to social media in the new navigation drawer
    • New contact options in settings
    • Information link available in settings
  • Android Q is now targeted

PaperSplash 1.7.2 Build 64

Release Notes:

  • Added the ability to donate
    • Select one of the four options in the donate menu to contribute to the development of PaperSplash (Future pro features will be unlocked for contributors)
  • View the libraries used to create PaperSplash
    • Will be updated when new libraries are added
  • Improved Navigation
    • Some buttons have larger hit-boxes
    • Streamlined menus
  • Streamlined text
    • Streamlined the text in the app to be the same font
    • Less text color variation
  • Submit Wallpaper Changes
    • Added disclaimer of quality standards
  • Android 6.0 is now required

PaperSplash 1.7.1 Build 58

Release Notes

  • Submit Wallpapers
    • You can now submit wallpapers for a chance of them being featured in ‘Todays’ Wallpaper. (Should be original content)
  • General Improvements
  • General Bug fixes

PaperSplash 1.7.0 Build 55

Release Notes:

  • Changes to ‘Edit Menu’
    • Added Preview of ‘Date Widget’
    • Removed percentage indicator
    • Minor adjustments to the layout
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Fixed following issues:
    • Wallpaper author link redirects wrong
    • Crash on some devices when applying wallpapers
    • Wallpaper not loading on a small amount of devices
  • General Improvements