PaperSplash 1.12.2

PaperSplash 1.12.2 is now starting to roll out with several quality of life improvements along with a temporary reduced price on PaperSplash PRO. With this update I have tried to make the app more intuitive than it already is. There will be less updates to PaperSplash in the next few weeks as I finish my upcoming app Atomic – Periodic Table.

User Interface

  • Navigation Menu can now follow your finger for a more intuitive experience.
  • The color of the status bar and navigation bar now match the rest of the splash screen.

General Improvements

  • Made some minor tweaks to animations
  • Old search button sometimes reappeared [FIXED]
  • Major lag when previewing wallpapers in the search menu on some devices [POSSIBLE FIX]
  • Navigation Bar sometimes doesn’t hide itself when scrolling [FIXED]

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Converted several math functions to Kotlin math functions.
  • Migrated from AppCompat to AndroidX.
  • Updated buildToolsVersion to 29.0.3
  • Updated support_lib_version to 29.0.3

*** Update: PRO Versions update is still being processed by google. STANDARD has started to roll out