PaperSplash 1.12.1


PaperSplash 1.12.1 releases tomorrow (January 19), and adds tons of new features, as well as many more under the hood improvements and fixes. The most notable features are the new preview window and the new search view.

You might have noticed that progress on PaperSplash has slowed down recently. This is because my focus right now is on the upcoming Periodic Table releasing sometime in February. Worry not there will be both more updates and exclusive wallpapers coming again after the release of the Periodic Table app.

Release Notes:

  • New Preview Window
    • Unsplash Like Stat
    • Resolution Information
    • Upload Date Information
    • Color Profile Information
    • Moved cardview down for easier one-handed use
  • User Interface
    • Replaced old Text Logo with a Search-Bar
    • Search Menu now fully adapts to different themes
    • Search Menu Bar matches Home-Screen search bar
  • Added full support for Notches.
    • Removed the status bar placeholder.
    • Added MarginLayoutParams which moves content depending on ‘Status-Bar’ and ‘Navigaion-Bar’ height.
  • Moved to “Scoped Storage”
    • For full support for the upcoming versions of Android
    • **You might not be able to access old downloaded wallpapers
  • General Fixes
    • “MainAccentColor” shows in color category list (FIXED)
    • Category “boxes” in Search View had no background and just a frame (FIXED)
    • App crash when applying wallpapers on certain devices (Possible Fix, contact us if you still encounter issues)
    • Standard version used the old Download Manager layout (FIXED)
  • General Changes
    • “Set As” renamed to “Set As Wallpaper” in Download Menu and centered text
    • Temporarily disabled widget due to some issues (Will be available soon again)
    • Changed Toast Colors to make it easier to read
  • “Under the Hood”
    • Replaced getBitmap (Deprecated) with ImageDecoder.decodeBitmap for API > 28
    • Replaced info.version (Deprecated) code with info.longVersionCode on API > 28
    • Removed some unnecessary safe calls for non-null Int receivers
    • Removed an old val in previewWindowView
    • Removed some old deprecated imports