PaperSplash 1.13


PaperSplash has always been about delivering the perfect wallpaper to you in a hassle free and intuitive user experience. With this latest update we take that one step further with several enhancements to our UI and a brand-new edit menu. Stay tuned for the upcoming two weeks as some major news about ‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ will arrive.

Note: Please let us know if you like this formatting for our homepage release notes. We are currently experimenting with the format for future posts.


New Edit Menu

We wanted to clean up the edit menu and improve it for future additions. The previous edit menu could not be expanded on as it would be to messy and big. With the new categories we will be able to add new options in the future more easily.


  • Redesigned Edit Panel
    • Design which is both scrollable and categorized
    • New card design
  • Added Color Filters:
    • Red filter
    • Blue filter
    • Green filter
    • Orange filter
    • Purple filter
    • Yellow filter
    • Pink filter

New Wallpapers

With PaperSplash PRO we are releasing two new wallpapers to the AMOLED collection shot by Jonatan Lindemann with a OnePlus 6. These are the first wallpapers which aren’t vector based and based on your feedback we might continue with wallpapers shot in real life.

Bounce Effect

When you reach the top or bottom of a list of any kind, you will now be greeted by a subtle and gentle bounce effect. We have added this to make the app feel a bit faster and smoother.


  • Added new bounce effects in scroll-views (Not available in wallpaper lists yet, but coming soon)

General Improvements & Fixes

  • Modifying wallpaper row height in settings menu does not require an app restart anymore.
  • Twitter button redirects to wrong page (FIXED)
  • Icon preview doesn’t display in Edit Menu on certain devices (FIXED)
  • Views sometimes got added height when using the app in multi-window due to an inset issue. (FIXED)
  • Improvements for gesture navigation display in the app.
  • Changed icon for theme settings to a more appropriate (Was the same icon as downloads before)
  • Color Accent has been slightly adjusted to further improve the consistency between Atomic and PaperSplash. (Delayed until next update)

Other (Dev related)

  • TargetSdkVersion is now 30
  • compileSdkVersion is now 30
  • buildToolsVersion is now 30.0.0
  • ext.support_lib_version is now 30.0.0
  • Removed some old unused variables from EditActivity

Deployment Status:

Rolling Out