Atomic – Periodic Table


Today I am proud to announce our new app, Atomic – Periodic Table which has been in development for a little over 6 months. Over the coming three months there will also be a ton of new features and data-sets coming in free updates.


Atomic is an intuitive Periodic Table app with detailed information about every element you need. Everything from the molar mass, discovery year, temperatures to more advanced details like specific heat capacity and ionization energies.


• Periodic Table – Bring an intuitive periodic table with you on the go
• Electronegativity Table – Easily see the difference of electronegativity between different elements.
• Solubility Table – See which compounds are soluble with which
• Dictionary – Master the periodic table with the help of an inbuilt dictionary
• Element Details – Information about every element
• Favorite Bar – Select which element details are most important to you, for easier access
• Isotope Panel – Explore a vast number of isotopes

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