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Download Sagar Waghela’s beautiful shot today in any version of PaperSplash!

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PaperSplash 1.8.1 Released + PRO


Today marks an important day for PaperSplash and J.Lindemann. PaperSplash PRO is now released with a release week sale lasting 7 days!

PaperSplash PRO

PaperSplash PRO features 150+ exclusive wallpapers with more coming every week. These wallpapers are available as part of the new collections in PaperSplash.


Future of PaperSplash (Free)

PaperSplash will be updated at the same time as PaperSplash PRO and recieve the same features when they are out of the BETA in PaperSplash PRO. Both versions follow the same roadmap.

Release Notes 1.8.1 (PaperSplash + PaperSplash PRO)

  • PRO Version released
    • 150+ exclusive wallpapers
    • Exclusive collections
    • Access to new features earlier in beta program
  • UI
    • Improved UI in main header
    • Revamped “Submit Wallpaper” menu
    • Revamped “GO PRO/ DONATE” menu

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Pre Register for PaperSplash PRO


You can now pre register for PaperSplash PRO on the play store to get notified on the launch day!

PaperSplash PRO is releasing around the 26/6 wednesday!

Pre Register: