PaperSplash 1.12

PaperSplash 1.12 will start rolling out tomorrow (January 9), and should reach your device within a week!

Release Notes:


  • Edit Temperature
    • Within the edit menu, you can now modify the image temperature to tailor your home screen.
    • Choose between cool or warm.
  • Adjust Wallpaper Row Height
    • You are now able to customize the height of the displayed wallpapers to tailor your experience in PaperSplash

User Interface

  • Added shadows in edit menu
    • To make the status bar more visible.
  • Changed default mode in the edit menu
    • Instead of showing all edit options when entering the edit menu, you now get a full-screen preview of the wallpaper with the option to bring up the complete edit menu.
  • Minor adjustments to Downloads Menu
    • Fixed the small white bar at the bottom.
    • Adjusted corner margins to match the rest of the app.
    • Adjusted some other margins
  • Minor adjustments to default image row height
    • Reworked for the new image row height setting.

User Experience

  • Replaced download notification with a Toast Messages
    • Instead of showing a notification for every download moment, these will now be shown in silent short length toasts in the app.
  • Made the edge bounce more bouncy in the edit menu
    • This will make it feel less like hitting a rock when moving the wallpaper all the way to the side.


  • Twitter button redirects to old twitter page (fixed)
    • The STANDARD version of PaperSplash would redirect to the old twitter page.
  • Status Bar not visible in edit menu (Fixed)
    • The status bar color often blended in with wallpapers colors. This has now been fixed.

PaperSplash 1.12 also has major “under the hood” changes so if you experience any issues please let us know as soon as possible!