PaperSplash 2.0

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Today we are releasing the largest design update yet to PaperSplash. This design refresh adapts Material You and adds support for Dynamic Color, which makes the app more clean, more intuitive and more you.

Material You

The most notable improvement with PaperSplash2.0 is the new design. This design is based on the material you guidelines and supports the new dynamic color system introduced in Android 12 (on supported devices). Using this design has made it possible to make the app more intuitive and more you.

Redesign – Material You

All parts of PaperSplash has been updated with Material You components and support for dynamic colors. Below is the result for the front page. Everything has gotten a bit rounder and larger.

Redesign – One Handed Use

With the new design you will notice that some pages have an initial down state that makes it easy to reach the top of the page on larger displays.