Atomic 2.0


Today we are releasing the largest design update yet. This design refresh has focused on implementing Material You and dynamic color from Android 12. With this fresh coat of paint, Atomic is now more intuitive, more clean and more you.

Material You

The most notable improvement with Atomic 2.0 is the new design. This design is based on the material you guidelines and supports the new dynamic color system introduced in Android 12 (on supported devices). Using this design has made it possible to make the app more intuitive and more you.

Redesign – Front Page

The frontpage of Atomic has received a material you makeover, as well as the ability to zoom in and out to more easily find your desired elements.

Redesign – Info Page

The info page has been slightly condensed and broadened to make space for more content on the screen. It’s also now slightly easier to reach to favorite bar.

Redesign – Isotope Panel

The isotope panel has first and foremost become larger, making room for more elements. Furthermore, the most common isotope has been removed, as the usage was very low and there have been some confusions. It’s however still available in the element info page. The more rounded corners gives it a more card feel as well.

Redesign – Table Page

The new table page makes it easier to understand how you open a table page, as well as providing details of each table and what use it has. Furthermore, reachability has been improved on this page as well, making it much easier to reach top elements. When you scroll, the header will become smaller to make the most of your screen.

Redesign – Settings Page

The redesigned settings page has been improved to first and foremost improve reachability by defaulting to a lowered state. When you start to scroll, the heading will be moved to a smaller state to make the most of your screen space. For the design, new material you buttons and colors are used.

Zoomable Tables

With Atomic 2.0 we are proud to deliver on the most requested feature, namely zoomable tables. The main table as well as the Table of Nuclide (Beta) has support for zoom. This works in both landscape and portrait orientation, which helps you find your desired elements faster. Furthermore, zoom makes the app much more tablet-friendly.

Table of Nuclides (Beta)

We are making a first version of our table of nuclides available for general testing with Atomic 2.0. You will notice that the second half of the table is incomplete and only has few isotopes. These will be added in the future. The feature set is also quite limited for the moment as only the decay info is available. These nuclide buttons will be clickable in the future and have much more data available.

Other additions

  • Added 100+ new isotopes.
  • Improved visibility of some clickable views in element info page.
  • Improved animations in the isotope page.


  • Fixed some buttons on main table displaying wrong colors.
  • Fixed some ripple effects having wrong shapes.
  • Fixed clear button in settings not having a ripple effect.