PaperSplash 1.14


It’s been some time since the last major update, but today that changes. With PaperSplash 1.14 we have retouched every element of the UI in the app to provide better consistency, not only in the app, but also with Atomic. Furthermore, we have added brand new “quick buttons” that helps users to understand how they download wallpapers, as well as adding the functionality to directly apply wallpaper.

Release Status

  • PaperSplash (PRO/ PAID) 1.14 – Released for everyone
  • PaperSplash (STANDARD/ FREE) 1.14 – Currently rolling out

New features

You won’t miss the radical new design changes when you first start PaperSplash after updating. Yet everything will still feel the same and work the same. Furthermore, you will notice new “quick buttons” that makes it both faster and easier to apply and download wallpapers.

New Design

We set out to redesign PaperSplash to be consistent with the design of Atomic, but also just more consistent within the app. With this update we feel we have done that, but also made it more intuitive and material.

  • New Material Design
  • More intuitive
  • Consistent Design
  • Better animations
  • New ripple effects

Quick Buttons

The three quick buttons are information, set as and download. First and foremost, information opens the details panel. Secondly, set as instantly downloads the wallpaper and send the user to the Edit Menu. Download saves the wallpaper in the Download manager, but the menu will also change and remove the download button, leaving only set as and information left.

  • Information button: Opens Info Panel
  • Set As button: Sends you directly to Edit Page
  • Download: Downloads and saves wallpaper
  • Intuitive and material design

New Wallpapers

As always, a new PaperSplash update launches with more wallpapers for you to tailor your homescreen with. At the launch of 1.14 there are three new wallpapers in PaperSplash PRO, of which two are showcased here.

  • 3 New wallpapers (PRO)
  • 5 New wallpapers releasing for STANDARD later this summer (1.14.x)
  • 7 New wallpapers for PRO version releasing later this summer (1.14.x)

Bug Fixes

  • Detailed download button gets stuck on download, preventing further actions (FIXED)
  • Back button in ‘Edit Page’ has wrong inset and on some devices is under the punch-hole (FIXED)
  • Using colourful theme crashes the application (FIXED)
  • Pressing image sometimes doesn’t open detail view (Possible Fix/ Fixed for test devices)
  • Download button on images doesn’t update state until relaunch of application (FIXED)
  • Back button on some pages sometimes appears at the bottom of the screen (FIXED)
  • Theme issues on Android versions older than Android 9.0 (FIXED)
  • Some elements are cut in Edit Page on certain devices (FIXED)

Known Issues

  • Red filter slider is cut in Edit Page (Fix in 1.14.1, coming in August)
  • Download Option button missing in Download Manager (Fix in 1.14.1, coming in August)
  • Back button is missing in Release Notes Page (Currently Working on a fix)
  • Space in Help page (Currently working on a fix)
  • Some buttons don’t have Ripple effect when touching them (Currently working on a fix)
  • Opening navigation drawer for first time doesn’t trigger animation (Investigating)
  • Lag when opening Images in search menu (Investigating)