PaperSplash 1.10


Today is a huge day for PaperSplash! I have just started to roll out two of the most requested features, which is themes and portrait preview. There are also some optimizations that will greatly improve your experience with PaperSplash and other quality of life improvements.


Since I launched PaperSplash you have always told me that you wanted to see exclusive wallpapers and custom themes, especially a dark theme. We now have both!

At launch PaperSplash (Standard) will feature a colorful, light and dark theme. PaperSplash (PRO) will feature a colorful, light, dark, cappuccino, gunmetal, slate grey, dark slate grey and more themes coming in the near future.

Portrait preview layout

With PaperSplash 1.10 you will be able to preview wallpapers before downloading them. You will still only be able to edit them once you have downloaded them. But, there will be some interesting updates to the preview layout coming in the near future.

New PRO Wallpapers

This update brings 10 new exclusive wallpapers for you to use! Let me know what you think of them!


Some of you might have experienced that the preview window won’t open when clicking on a wallpaper. This should now be mostly fixed. If you still encounter it please contact us.

There is now a fade out animation when leaving the preview window. This will make it look more smooth instead of the “jumping” animation it has now.

I have made some changes to clickable areas in PaperSplash to make them easier to click.


PaperSplash Update Schedule


I believe that updates should enhance the software by adding new features, but just those that are needed. As I have done in the past, I listen to the community about what they want to see in the next version of PaperSplash and some get added, whilst some don’t.

PaperSplash Update Schedule (Monthly):

From this point on, I will update PaperSplash (Standard) and PaperSplash (PRO) at the same dates. The PRO version will have access to all new features in a beta program whilst the standard version will only have some of them.

As stated in the schedule there will be one update every month. The content of every months update may very. One month I might release a new feature whilst another month might only be focused on improvements.

There will probably be more updates every months that fixes crashes and bugs that might occur.

I will guarantee new wallpapers three times a month, but hopefully I will be able to release more. My goal of this year is to over 500 exclusive wallpaper available in the PRO version of PaperSplash. I have also planned some new free exclusive wallpapers for the standard edition.

PaperSplash will continue to be supported on Android 6.0+ devices for at least one or two years more. It’s a hard decision to pull the plug on some users, but it is necessary for the app to grow and for new features to flourish.

Thanks for reading, Jonatan Lindemann