PaperSplash 1.10 Build 113

Hello! With PaperSplash 1.10 Build 113, released both for the ‘STANDARD’ and ‘PRO’ version. The issue with the ‘Featured’ section of the app has been resolved and wallpapers will now load as usual again. This issue was caused by me still using a deprecated part of the Unsplash API, which recently got removed, causing errors in both versions of PaperSplash.

The images you will see after updating differs from those shown before. Now you will see the highlight of the many different curated collections made by the team at Unsplash, which will refresh from time to time instead of being the same as they were before.

There has been a lack of new wallpapers in the PRO version as of recently, which was caused by me having to focus on school. But starting next week, you will start to see new wallpapers every week again!

A new feature update will come in November. If there is a new feature you want, be sure to let us know as soon as possibe so we can consider implementing it.