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Wallpaper Of The Day

A new and curated wallpaper everyday from free sources and original content submitted to us

Unsplash Wallpapers

To have a broad amount of wallpapers from choose from PaperSplash offers wallpapers from both and original content.

No nonsense

PaperSplash focuses on being lightweight and making every feature count. No ads, no nonsense.

Search and categorise

PaperSplash let's you search for your dreame wallpaper or browse wallpapers based on categories or even colors
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Edit wallpapers to tailor your home screen

Tailor your home screen by adjusting the brightness of your desired wallpaper. To help you, PaperSplash let's you preview wallpapers with icons and widgets on top of them.
Tutorial coming soon


For those who strive one step more than everyone else and want the best you can get.

More Exclusive Collections

The PRO version grants you with all of our handcrafted collections and access to all of the upcoming.

Access to BETA features first

Users of the PRO version will be able to test new features before they are available for everyone.

Access to additional Themes

In addition to the default themes, you will gain access to additional themes. More themes coming in the future.

Beautiful and Handcrafted Wallpapers

PaperSplash PRO offers wallpapers that are handcrafted by us and are exclusive to the app with new wallpapers coming every week.

Breathtaking UI

PaperSplash offers one of the best user Interfaces in a wallpaper app, which focuses on being minimal and non intrusive.