Beautiful Wallpapers

PaperSplash offers thousands of wallpapers from,
as well as exclusive wallpapers from us.

Intuitive User Interface

We have tailored PaperSplash User Interface to be as intuitive as
possible and look as clean as possible. PaperSplash also offers
multiple themes that you the user can choose.

No Nonsense

All versions of PaperSplash are ad free, but also free from bloated
software that users won’t use.

Exclusive Wallpapers

PaperSplash offers exclusive wallpapers, handcrafted and tailored by J.Lindemann to make your home screen look as good as possible. Every month new exclusive wallpapers are added to PaperSplash PRO

Edit Wallpapers

Tailor your selected wallpaper with PaperSplash wallpaper editor.
You are able to darken, brighten and even customize the color
temperature of your desired wallpaper!