Atomic 1.4.0


Today we have started the deployment of the biggest update to ‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ so far, namely ‘Atomic – 1.4.0’. This update includes everything from minor UI tweaks, to small data additions, to major new features as well as new full data sets. Furthermore, this update also marks the first release of ‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ of which the project is open source on GitHub.

New features

‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ 1.4.0 brings with it both small and large features. First and foremost some minor new features are the ability to select text elements, open more isotope data from the info page and expanded sorting options. Furthermore, larger new features include filters in the dictionary and an ionization energy table. Finally, there are even more minor features added, shown in the release notes.

Ionization Energy Table

Our goal with ‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ is to offer an app, which has an intuitive design, as well as many features to aid your studies, or just the science nerd in us all. With 1.4.0 we further expand on useful features to learn better with the new table of ionization energies. With this table you can first and foremost see the first ionization energy of all 118 elements in a table without having to scroll in the element info page. Furthermore, you can now view all ionizations energies of an element, simply by pressing the element of your likings card in the table.

It was important for us that the ionization energy table was intuitive and therefore we first and foremost added indicators to our card to further help you, the user to intuitively realise that the card could be expanded. Secondly we made sure to make the text very readable, even from some distance from your phone as to not make your studies harder. We also made sure to include a search bar to easily find your desired element instead of having to scroll.

The ionization energy table will be further expanded on with upcoming updates and we can already share that with the next branch of 1.5 you will be able to via the settings change the unit from eV to others to save you from wasting time!

Dictionary Filters

‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ has a dictionary included to help you understand the many and often complex terms of science. With each update we have added more and more dictionary items and today there are over 100 available in the app. That have unfortunately made it hard to sometimes find exactly what you want.

With update 1.4.0 you can now filter the dictionary with four initial filters, physics, chemistry, math and reactions. These are just the first few and more will be added in the future! These filters will also always stay on the screen, even if you start to scroll, making it easy and intuitive to use. Finally the filters will always stay even if you start to search.

Sort Isotopes

With 1.4.0 we have expanded our simple and intuitive sorting menu to be available in the isotope table. This menu will be available in the search bar, working just the same as the one found in the standard element search. The first iteration includes sorting by either alphabetical order, or element number.

Isotope details in info page

When pressing elements related to isotopes in the element info page, the user will now be redirected to the isotope table. This redirection will immediately open the isotope panel, where data including, half-time and much more for countless of isotopes is available.

Selectable text elements

We have gotten request to make text elements selectable and now it’s time to deliver. The first iteration has made many of the text elements in the info page selectable so that you can copy the text, but other elements are now also selectable. This will hopefully help you to extract data, without writing something down wrong.

Data additions

We have committed to and will continue to commit on delivering new and useful data which each major update. For this release we have focused on delivering new nuclear data, primarily for helping with physics work. Furthermore, we have added both more ionization data and dictionary data. Finally, we have expanded on the isotope data in our isotope table, with primarily more isotopes being added.

Nuclear data

Naturally as a periodic table app, ‘Atomic’ has had much chemistry data. But we have always made sure that your physics needs could be covered. With update 1.4.0 we continue to add physics data and for this time, nuclear properties.

  • You can now see if an element is radioactive or not.
  • You will now easily be able to see isotope data.
  • You will now be able to get neutron cross sectional data.

Ionization energy data

‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ has always had basic ionization energy data, but as we have expanded on this with the ionization energy table we have decided to add more. With 1.4.0 you will now have access to all elements ionization energies, not just the first via the ionization energy table.

Dictionary additions

With the release of filtering in the dictionary table we have added over 30 new entries into the dictionary. This brings the total item count up to over 100. The new entries have been made in all current categories, namely physics, chemistry, math and reactions.

Isotope data

The isotope table hasn’t really changed since it’s first introduction and neither have any more data been added. But worry not, we haven’t forgotten it and with this update we are adding data for more isotopes with this release.

Major improvements

Every single update, small or large brings with it refinements in some sort of way. Minor updates usually fix some bugs, or a function is optimize to make the app load faster, etc. Major updates might bring new features. 1.4.0 has many quality of life improvements that you might not immediately notice, but certainly will help to make the app even more intuitive and fast.


As previously mentioned, one of the main goals of ‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ is to develop an intuitive app. We have seen that a very small amount of users have struggled to quickly find out if certain elements are clickable or not. This has been a failure, and that’s why we with this update are releasing indicators on many places in order to address this issue and make the app even more intuitive with the update of 1.4.0.

Scroll layouts

With 1.4.0 we are removing the bounce effect and moving back to the default android scroll edge reaction. This as a preparation for Android 12.

Chip ripple effects

With 1.4.0 we have fixed an issue causing the ripple effect on round elements to have the wrong shape. The effect has even gone outside of the button etc. This should now be fixed.

Full Release Notes

Will be added soon