[Atomic] Roadmap Update

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Hello! This roadmap update contains some long-awaited features that we have been working on for a long time. This is a recurring blog series that will continue through the summer with two post a month.

This update adds items that recently were added to the roadmap including new isotopes, nuclide table, zoom and much more. We have also progressed on update 1.5.0 and a release by late July, or early August is now more than likely!

New Roadmap Items

  • 200+ Isotopes
  • Nuclide Table
  • Zoom in some tables
  • Improved design for isotope panel
  • Added Windows Application task (Future/ TBD)

Progress Update

  • Zoom in some table is completed
  • Isotope Panel design is completed
  • Nuclide Table is now 50% done
  • Additional isotopes is now 50% done
  • Element card order is now 25% done