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Multiple Data Sets

Atomic – Periodic Table offers a versatile electro negativity table which both gives you the relevant electronegativity number but also a visualization of the difference between elements electronegativity.

Explore a vast amount of elements isotopes in a clean panel with data as halftime and mass. With future versions of Atomic – Periodic Table even more isotopes will slowly be added.


Element Details

Favorite Bar

Tailor the details to focus on those most important to you with the help of the favorite bar.

Large data set

The element details give you all the data you could need for your amazing science project.

Offline Mode

The inbuilt offline mode of Atomic hides images loaded from the web to save network data.

User Interface

‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ features an intuitive user interface based on the material design guidelines. Every element from the shadows, buttons, margins to the cards come togheter in a thoughtful way to make your digital life more simple.


Main Table

Multiple data visualizations

Easily visualize data in the main table with just two button presses. Currently you can visualize elements name, elements groups, electronegativity, atomic weight, temperatures, phase (STP) and discovery year with more data points coming soon

Optimized for Landscape mode

The main table supports both the portrait mode and landscape mode in Android. Of course, the main table will also take advantage of a bigger screen like your Android Tablet.


The Smart Periodic Table

Formulas are one of the fundamental things for the learning of physics. That’s why ‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ currently offers around 100 formulas with more coming every update!

To make your chemistry laborations easier ‘Atomic – Periodic Table’ features a pH-Indicator page which visualizes some common pH-Indicators and their respective color intervals.